Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coalition Legal Team Argues Case

The CNVH legal team made oral arguments on Friday on our appeal of the US Bankruptcy Court decision in May. This decision denied us the right even to have our case heard. Our appeal on Friday would allow us to press our suit to compel the New York State Department of Health to continue the services provided at St. Vincent's.

It was a great opportunity to make our case for why adequate health care is a fundamental right for all New Yorkers and public health institutions cannot just collapse in a matter of days without consequence.

Below is a picture of our legal team. All of them having been working tirelessly - without a penny of pay - for months.

Please thank them for their incredible work and effort, by joining us at the '100 Days Without A Hospital' Rally on Sunday October 17th at 2pm. Below is a link to a flyer to pass around. We have already confirmed a number of organizations and celebrity Michelle Clunie from Showtime's Queer as Folk. Please let us know too if your organization would like to join.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your flyers today and had a real laugh. Demand a hospital? St Vincent's was $700 mil in debt and losing $50 mil a month. Who would invest in another money-losing 'opportunity' like that. I'll bet no one on this site!

    What is really ironic, is there was a chance to save the hospital a few years ago, and the NIMBYers, local Yuppies, trust-funders and clueless neighbors fought and saw that that the combined re-development/new hospital proposal was rejected.

    WHAT DID YOU EXPECT AFTER THAT? The neighborhood got what it deserved and now there's no more hospital.

    Next time, get a clue, you'll be getting a new development anyway now, and no medical facility. Just desserts, if you ask me.