Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well over 1,000 turn up to support a New Village Hospital


  1. You have my support. Although I m a community advocate on the upper west side, I feel that the closing of St Vincent's Hospital was a crime. But I think the bigger crime was that city politicians did NOTHING...and that includes the City Council.
    In addition, with the development plague that this city has seen in the last 9 years, Manhattan's density has grown exponentially with NO consideration, or construction, of new schools or hospitals!
    It's not just an outrage, it's criminal.
    And so I support your cause and conviction to restore a hospital in the St. Vincent's site. Your residents deserve it. Your informed need it.
    Community Advocate
    Upper West Side.

  2. CORRECTION: Typo..Last sentence "Your in-firmed need it."