Monday, April 11, 2011

The Westside Healthcare Coalition is a Lie

Lower West Side residents have been receiving some interesting astroturf in their mailboxes lately. It's from a group called The "Westside Healthcare Coalition". Trouble is, they don't exist. They're just a front for the real estate developers that want to build luxury condos where we need a hospital.

Don't fall for it.

West Side Healthcare Coalition is a Lie


  1. This manipulative flier filled with lies is merely a tool to induce the acceptance of 35O luxury condo development apartments. The needs assessment and meetings are a ploy to support real estate.
    The West Side needs Trauma 1 Full Service Emergency care funded by the federal state and city with full union support and not some cheap imitation toy doctor center with expensive toys that will not save lives. To think the West Side residents are ignorant and believe this SCAM is very naïve indeed.

  2. 30% must be affordable housing for middle class New Yorkers if the Rudin Family gets their way. No 100% Luxury Apartments. A hospital is also needed not an Urgent Care Center.

  3. I hear you, but where is the hospital going to go? St. Vincents filed for bankruptcy twice, the second time because only half of the beds were in use but the hospital was fully staffed. It was unsustainable.

  4. I saw the flyers posted this weekend and good luck with the rally, I hope you got a good attendance as the neighborhood needs a hospital and an emergency room/emergency services.

    The problem is that it's not enough to demand a hospital or rally for the cause. St Vincent's closed for a reason - it couldn't cover its bills. They went bankrupt. I want a new hospital as much as anyone, but the the fact remains that nothing has changed and the same problems that sank St Vincent's will likely sink any new hospital.

    It's incumbent on those seeking a new hospital to come up with a business plan, attract investors, and create a model that will support a hospital. Unless we have that, all the petitions and rallies won't do a bit of good.

    Just the truth.